The Neatness

Watching @sleepymoogle streaming on Twitch.

Watching @sleepymoogle streaming on Twitch.

Dec 2


Xbox One getting ready to launch.

Xbox One getting ready to launch.

10/8 five minutes


hush tones of conflicting messages

last gasp of thoughtless


whisking together to form something big

bigger than expected and seen before

the world as we know

what we dont know

who we don’t know

the ways in which we dont know

it was when we all knew which way to go

that i finally stopped begging for life

to pass me by to let me choose to let me die to let me lose to let me cry to let me

wither into dust into air into lust into care into sparing me the thoughts

that caused me to be crumpling crushing crashing crunching crackling clutching my way down


onto the next one onto the next day onto the next way onto the next play onto the next clay

from which i form the basis for my future my losers my dreamers my liars my fires my passions my lashes my smashes and my stashes

of hope of dreams of life of living — of living a life worth writing — of writing a life worth living

Tom Brady mad. #NFL #NEvsCAR

Time to flip my #PS4 #PlayStation

#PS4 midnight launch!!

Bailey. #Pug

Bailey. #Pug

#Pug #pugbattle

Oct 2
#Thuglife #cats #mrkitty #ted

#Thuglife #cats #mrkitty #ted

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